June 15th, 2020

Paul Harris on why this is a good idea. 

Over the next few months the world will be defining a new normal and cricket will need to do the same. The lockdown has been a period of “timeout”, allowing us all to reflect on the past and begin to define a better future. My hope is that cricket is included in the definition of a better future and that alternative, creative and adventurous thinking might inspire a new generation to embrace the game in the way that those of us sold on it many years ago have been so lucky to do.


3Team Cricket was born from the recognition by Graeme Smith and Mark Boucher that we need to broaden the support base of cricket, share scarce facilities and expose weaker teams to better competition in order to improve their skills. The 3TC format that we have developed together, along with other close friends, is promising and may help achieve some of these objectives, not only in amateur cricket but also in professional and even international cricket. CSA needs to be congratulated for having the foresight and courage to host this game and experiment with a new format.