June 15th, 2020

I was very excited to hear about the new three-team concept. As a coach, I’ve had the pleasure of working with kids at both school and franchise level and reckon 3 team cricket will become an essential format for the development of the game in schools. Coaches and teachers often find it difficult to give all their kids an opportunity to bat, bowl and field in a single game. The three team format - its player numbers and match dynamics - creates opportunity for wider and more meaningful participation in cricket at all levels.  In a country such as ours, where opportunities are often scarce, 3TC is a brilliant solution for getting youth involved at the grass root levels of the game we love.


Once Paul, Graeme and I got talking and thinking, the one aspect of it that kept coming to mind was strategy. I found myself second-guessing different scenarios and tactics - like, what would I do in this situation and that situation. I still haven’t found all the answers... which I think is so exciting in itself! So many different circumstances and permutations can arise...In essence it’s a game of cricket that needs a chess player’s mind, or even a poker player‘s mind. Play your hand early in the contest but realize there could be consequences at the business end of it.... Too cautious and the other teams may race ahead of you...Too aggressive and suddenly you’re all done and relying on a lone not-out batter or a make-up bowler. Can you rely wholly on individual brilliance to win you the game? Or is the team dynamic always driving the outcome? Decisions, decisions...

There are other added benefits: Three teams means three sets of supporters, more heroes on show and, best of all, more games that go down to the wire. Our game of cricket keeps developing and I believe that this is yet another great addition - a format that not only speaks to the professionals but also to the millions of school, club, park and backyard players all over the world. Players and fans will need to get their creative juices flowing... I have a feeling the tactical debates are about to go viral.